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8:45 am
Registration, Refreshments and Networking
9:20 am
Chair's Welcome Address
9:30 am
Icebreakers: Unpacking Employability in 2022

We are back with our face-to-face Conference! We will kick things off with an interactive icebreaker allowing you to explore with peers your role and objectives for the day.

9:40 am
Ministerial Address: Graduate Employability and Progression
The Rt Hon Michelle Donelan MP
The Rt Hon Michelle Donelan MP
Minister of State (Minister for Higher and Further Education)
9:50 am
OfS Update: Graduate Employability in the Context of B Conditions and Baseline Indicators
  • What the revised OfS B Conditions expect on skills and resources for student success following graduation
  • How the role of employability, skill development and careers service support will be considered within course quality
  • What the new B3 Condition would expect on baseline requirements on progression
  • How the OfS will design, develop and use progression data indicators and what this will mean for institutions
  • The role of progression baseline indicators within the new TEF
Jack Smith
Jack Smith
Head of Student Outcomes
Office for Students (OfS)
10:10 am
Graduate Outcomes: What we Know and How Should we Respond

What do graduates do? What are their routes to progression? How has their university experience prepared them for the world of work?
This session will analyse the latest Graduate Outcomes findings and assess what we know about the state of graduate employability. The session will consider:

  • Core trends in progression routes and how graduates enter the labour market
  • The value of careers support and skills development at university
  • Motivators for employment choices and perceptions on satisfaction and experience
  • How careers professionals can operationalise Graduate Outcomes insights to inform service delivery
Charlie Ball
Charlie Ball
Head of Higher Education Intelligence
10:30 am
The Labour Market Breakdown: What to Expect from Graduate Employers in 2023

This session will offer the latest analysis on the expectations of employers and how careers support can reflect the realities of a rapidly evolving labour market. The ISE will share insights on:

  • Demand from employers and how the graduate employment market is developing
  • How employers are recruiting graduates and their approaches to interview, assessment and entry
  • The skills needs of employers and how they find the graduates they are looking for
  • How attitudes, behaviours and skills can be successfully demonstrated
Dr Nicola Thomas
Dr Nicola Thomas
Head of Research
Institute of Student Employers (ISE)
10:50 am
Network Break and Refreshments
11:10 am
Are Students Really Engaging? Enhancing the Impact and Reach of Careers Services
  • The B3 conditions and in particularly the progression outcome of having 60% attain a positive outcome proposes a significant challenge for many universities in the UK
  • We know from our own research that many students do not engage extensively with the career service during their time at university and many of them fail commonly used psychometric tests
  • Our research also indicates that embedding employability within the curriculum can be successful at increasing intentions to apply for internships and enhance their career planning
  • The challenge for universities is how to implement effective employability initiatives into the curriculum whilst taking with them university staff and students. This talk will address each of these points
Dr Alex Bradley
Dr Alex Bradley
Senior Teaching Fellow and Employability Officer, School of Education and Sociology
University of Portsmouth
11:30 am
Back to the Future! Employability Delivery in a Post-Pandemic Context

As we move closer to the post-pandemic landscape, how should we re-position our work to enhance the prospects of our students and graduates? This session will consider the evolving role of Careers and Employability Services in the context of:

  • Student needs following their disrupted experience
  • The complexity of transition from student to employee
  • The challenge of building fulfilling careers in a hybrid working environment
Dr Nalayini Thambar
Dr Nalayini Thambar
Director of Careers and Employability
University of Nottingham
11:50 am
Embedding Careers: What Really Works for Students when Teaching Employability?

Exploring key evidence on how students respond to employability support within their degree, this session will examine what works for students and what models of teaching deliver the greatest impact. The session will consider:

  • Module and content design on employability within a programme
  • Student responses to employability teaching approaches
  • How practical support and skills-based guidance can be embedded
  • Ideas on when employability-focussed teaching works and when it doesn’t
Helen Standage
Helen Standage
Senior Employability Education Manager
University of Essex
12:10 pm
Examining Practice: A Peer-Led Roundtable Discussion

Following the morning sessions, you will have the opportunity to reflect on learning points and unpack action points for practice within your careers service. You will be able to participate in one of the discussions:

Practice Review A: Supporting Success in the Future Graduate Labour Market
Practice Review B: Embedding Employability and Approaches to Engagement
12:30 pm
Lunch and Networking
1:20 pm
In Conversation with Employers … Recruitment, Expectations and Trends in the Graduate Labour Market

This conversation with some the UK’s leading graduate employers will allow you to unpick evolving approaches to recruitment, the scale of market demand and what employers are looking for in their future intakes. The session will consider themes including:

  • Trends in recruitment and demand
  • Expectations and skills needs of new graduates
  • Changes in assessment and interview practices
  • Diversity and inclusion
Angelika Bonner
Angelika Bonner
Senior Retail Recruitment & Early Careers Manager
Lidl UK
Jacqui Hall
Jacqui Hall
Head of Early Careers, BioPharma R&D
Aman Gill
Aman Gill
Early Careers Leader
2:00 pm
Designing High Impact Careers Support for Widening Participation Students
  • Building effective careers support into access and participation planning for disadvantaged students
  • Examining evidence-led interventions to deliver successful outcomes for widening participation students
  • Exploring common barriers to engagement and success and how careers service can deliver a tailored approach
  • Assessing how to deliver impact for students at risk of struggling to progress or enter further employment
Marc Lintern
Marc Lintern
2:20 pm
Networking Break and Refreshments
2:30 pm
The Flash Talk Series

This series of flash talks will allow you to explore specific interventions for careers team and gain valuable case-study insights on delivering impact for specific groups entering the employment market.

Each flash talk will have the objective of offering 3 core takeaways to support your service delivery.

Talk A: Careers Support Approaches for Students with an Autism Spectrum Condition
Kathryn Aindow-Jones
Kathryn Aindow-Jones
Careers & Graduate Employability Adviser (Disability & STEM)
University of Central Lancashire
Talk B: Interventions on Placement Years and Extra-Curricula Development for Widening Participation Students
David Molyneux
David Molyneux
Senior Careers Consultant
University of Warwick
Talk C: Overcoming Barriers to Employability for International Students
Professor Mary Stuart
Professor Mary Stuart
Commissioner for the Student Futures Commission and Co-Chair of the International Students Sub-Group
3:00 pm
Workshop: Re-Evaluating a Student’s Employability Journey

This interactive workshop will allow you an opportunity to re-examine how careers services interact with students throughout the lifecycle. The workshop will:

  • Breakdown the stages of engagement with careers teams
  • Evaluate the evidence-base for interventions and careers service activity
  • Analyse what isn’t working in supporting effective progression

You will then swap your challenges with peers and take a ‘flipped’ approach to the employability journey, considering how the student journey can be reassessed, what new ideas should be adopted and how ineffective approaches can be reinvented.

Be prepared to share bold thinking and new ideas!

Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson
Director of Careers Service
University of Bristol
Jane Goodfellow
Jane Goodfellow
Head Careers and Employability
Cardiff University
3:30 pm
Conference Close

*Programme subject to change